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216 – WICKMAN 1″ MULTI-SPINDLE, Year 1973, S/N 15224

6 Spindle

Machine equipped with:

Newer pneumatic pick off

Threading attachment

Screw type conveyor

Machine is in good working order.  Was making parts when taken out of commission.

Pick off is made by Excelda (Formally CNM).  Air Actuated.  It is stamped EXPU1158.  More pictures attached.  Shows back working station.  Added about 1 year ago.

                0-25mm collet depth

                Full cycle of machine can be utilized

                No fast motion CAM

                Machine can begin immediately after indexing

                Safety interlock as standard

                Adjustable collet tension

                Heavy duty V slide allows for removal of heavy metal

                Heavy duty bearing arrangement

                Coolant applied through spindle as standard

                Air operated bar stop allows removal of heavy metal


Threading Drive is on the machine.  We can include a threading attachment if required.

We also have the original CAM pickoff we removed from this machine and a bunch of other parts and attachments I can include if customer has specific requests.