Exclusie Partners

ALTA Enterprises, Inc offers single source machine tool solutions to the Mid-Atlantic Region. We offer solutions for Milling, Turning, EDM, Grinding, Bending, Welding, Marking, and now Additive manufacturing. 


Toyoda is a world class supplier of horizontal and vertical machining centers, 5-axis machining centers, cylindrical grinders and industrial automation systems. Toyoda is dedicated to supplying the latest in flexible and productive machining tool technology to US manufacturers. 


Hurco offers a wide variety of machining and turning centers equipped with their patented Max 5 conversational control allowing you to program in 2 and 3D right at the control. Hurco’s integrated control powered by WinMax software is the key to making job shops more profitable because it is designed to make small batch / high mix production efficient by reducing set-up time and programming time.

Index Traub

INDEX has offered multi-functional production centers in which different process technologies can be integrated in one machine. The complete machining means that not only the quality and precision are higher but also that primarily the production costs are reduced as a result of the shorter throughput times. This benefit is appreciated by INDEX customers worldwide as it strengthens their competitiveness. The main customers of INDEX turning machines include, above all, companies from the automotive and automotive supplier industries, from the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics sectors as well as manufacturers of fluid technology and of controls and instruments. Growth markets are to be found in medical technology and in the aerospace industry. Even when it involves the processing of materials that are difficult to machine, the experts at INDEX and TRAUB find a convincing solution.

Eurotech Elite

Since 1958, Eurotech Elite has been the leader in multi-axis CNC turn/mill centers from 4 to 14 axes, designed for high precision, high volume, and full automated unattended machining.

Eurotech Elite is now the sole importer for the German machine line, Spinner.

Spinner is the manufacturer of high precision CNC lathes and multi-axis centers specializing in full turnkey solutions for the machining industry. 


expanding its global presence
In this high-tech environment, technologically sophisticated CNC machine tools and TURNKEY solutions are created in the CHIRON Werke in Tuttlingen – “Made in Germany”.

 is continuously expanding its international presence and supports the growth of its customers with its own subsidiaries for sales and service in all major markets.


At Takumi, we have adapted the world’s leading CNC control to our rugged, durable CNC machines to achieve higher productivity through speed, accuracy, and reliability, resulting in double-column and C-frame machining centers that provide world-class performance for die/mold, aerospace, and other high-speed applications.


Enshu manufactures world-class horizontal and vertical machining centers, all of which are designed to out-perform, out-produce, and out-last all other machine tools on the market today boasting 5000 hours mean time between failures. 


A passionate, energetic spirit has characterized TAKISAWA since its 1922 establishment as a machine tool manufacturer. Drawing upon a vast wealth of experience and a tradition of excellence that goes back 84 years, we today offer a variety of innovative and technologically advanced products. These include conventional lathes, CNC machine tools such as CNC lathes, machining centers, drill centers and sophisticated FA cells and systems.


FOOKE has been manufacturing large and very large 5-axis milling machines for over 30 years. These tooling machines are often used as gantry milling machines in various designs.

Demanding and ambitious customers from a wide range of industries, such as aerospace, rail and automotive industries trust in FOOKE’s reliable, high-performance ENDURA® machines. Especially in the automotive and aerospace industries, model, prototype building as well as tool and mould construction are the most common applications.


DMC provides CNC lathes, milling machines, and machining centers to companies in the diesel engine and fuel injection, aerospace, orthopedic, and automotive industries and job shops that are suppliers to these industries. Heartland brings an extensive 4-year history of selling, tooling and servicing the DMC product line. DMC by Heartland offers exceptional value at a fair price for machines that are reliable and high performing.


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